Pricing Policy


Our pricing policy is simple and we believe cost effective.


For companies between 2 - 20 users we offer our hosted version, with one simple monthly cost which is dependent on the number of users.  We offer free online training for the introductory period  and no set up costs. Your costs remain the same for however long the software is used, and is always per user.  If you have more users the cost increases and if there are fewer users the cost decreases. 


Our texting facility is now included in the package price subject to being supplied with a valid sim card.


Savings in computer hardware costs, telephone, postage, stationary and payroll software can quite easily cover this monthly outlay.


For companies with over 20 users we offer the above option and also offer an option for purchase with an annual license fee. This covers support and legislative updates


Sorry we no longer offer single user systems the minimum is 2 users.  However the monthly cost may still make this a cost effective solution.

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