Pulse Software has been graded as excellent on a  recent NHS Audit at one of our Customers

We offer the most complete software package for Nursing Agencies in the UK. We understand that seamless integration is what is required whether you work within the NHS Framework or whether you supply to the Private Care Sector. We  did not want to fill our home page with high tech computer language, you can find that further into our site, we simply want to tell you what we do best.  Many of our customers have been with us since we started many years ago, and have contributed ideas and suggestions to help develop the software to where it is today.


We use cost effective technology where possible to communicate with Staff and Clients this includes a NO CHARGE* two way SMS messaging service. We use emailing for compliance, invoicing, payslips and general bulk emails to staff.


We offer FREE Training, FREE Updates and FREE Support.  We do this so that our customers can get the best use of our software without cost implications  We want our customers to contact us as much as they need, so that we can ensure they have the best tools to grow their business.

What can Pulse do?

Pulse can do many things, take a look below at just a few of the main things..

Staff Details

You can easily input all your staffs information into one place in pulse.

This includes their general and pay information, and any documents, training and vaccination they have.


Bookings are easy to add, and finding the right staff is instant.


Text confirmations and reminders can be sent to your staff, and email confirmations to your clients. 


Timesheets are easy to process, add a timesheet number, add the breaks and confirm the shifts.

You can also add a scanned timesheet to the pulse system and attach it.


You can create, edit, print and send all your client invoices straight from Pulse.


In addition you are able to attach any timesheets you need with the invoice.


Making sure your staff are compliant is always necessary.


On Pulse, there are multiple warning messages to show and prevent non compliancy from causing any damage.


Payroll is done very easily through pulse.


All you have to do is add the staff, add any further payments or deductions and send through to HMRC.


Through Pulse, you can text and email your staff directly.


Our texting system allows you to send unlimited texts which are delivered fast, and also show when they were received.


Our reporting system makes creating reports easy and fast. 


Choose from a number of reports made to stop you having to create them yourself in excel!

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