Our Nursing Agency Software has been graded as excellent on a  recent NHS Audit at one of our Customers


Nursing Agency Software Is All That We Do, So We Do it Well


We offer the most complete software package for Nursing Agencies in the UK. We understand that seamless integration is what is required whether you work within the NHS Framework or whether you supply to the Private Care Sector. We  did not want to fill our home page with high tech computer language, you can find that further into our site, we simply want to tell you what we do best.  Many of our customers have been with us since we started many years ago, and have contributed ideas and suggestions to help develop the software to where it is today.


We use cost effective technology where possible to communicate with Staff and Clients this includes a NO CHARGE* two way SMS messaging service. We use emailing for compliance, invoicing, payslips and general bulk emails to staff.


We offer FREE Training, FREE Updates and FREE Support.  We do this so that our customers can get the best use of our software without cost implications  We actually want our customers to contact us so that we can ensure they have the best tools to grow their business.


Pulse Nursing Agency Planner covers initial staff recruitment and compliance. The software has a very neat spreadsheet style screen to show and highlight all staff compliance status including missing, expired and compliance due to expire. The screen allows updates and staff can be emailed their compliance information direct from this screen. All Staff documents can be scanned into the software and viewed from any location.


Each client is unique, and can have their own shift set up, pay bands and  staff pay and client charge rates, even future rates.We have different invoice styles for NHS or Private Clients, and for factoring or direct remittance with unique management charges,  and discounts, for each separate client.


Bookings are easy to add, and staff selection is instant, confirmations can be sent by text to the staff and email to the client. Reminders can be sent by text to staff working within the next 24 hours.  Cancellations cause an automatic text to be sent to your staff.


Timesheet processing becomes simple with only a cursory check being required and maybe a change of time or a break added. Once confirmed records are created for invoicing and payroll. Add to this a one click processing for Client Invoicing, Also the ability to produce one-off invoices, or PASA style invoices.


Plus a very flexible payroll. Staff can be self employed, be paid direct via their own Limited Company, via an umbella company or PAYE via our fully HMRC compliant payroll or even through Sage Payroll. With the IR35 regulations staff working for a Public shift, can be paid under PAYE, with any Private shifts paid direct into a Limited Company.We can even run a payroll for your office staff. 


Finally we have an extensive reporting system which  also covers NHS and local council reporting requirements


Why not contact us for an online demo,  you have nothing to lose but your time.


* Requires a contract sim card to include unlimted texting



Pulse Professional Software Ltd is a totally independent company specialising in the supply of our specialised software for Nursing Agencies.  We have no link whatsoever to any other software package with a similar name or to any company or nursing agency bearing a similar name.

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