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We offer The Most Complete Software Package for Nursing Agencies in the UK. We understand that seamless integration is what is required whether you work within the NHS Framework or whether you supply to the Private Care Sector. Pulse Nursing Agency Software works as well for large agencies with 40+ Office Staff as it does for the smaller agencies with 2-5 Office Staff.  


We use cost effective technology where possible to communicate with Staff in addition to FREE TEXTING this includes our new MOBILE APP                                                                                         

                                                                                                     'MOBILE STAFF APP '


MOBILE STAFF APP offers you and your Staff the ability to communicate via Push Notes, update availability, see shifts, Clients can authorise timesheets allowing auto processing for pay and invoicing.  Staff using paper timesheets can photograph the timesheet via the Pulse Nurse App for payroll submission.  Staff can confirm shifts, and  check payslips.


We  are so confident in our product that we offer FREE Training, FREE Legislative Updates and FREE Support.  We also offer an initial 3 month  contract, followed by auto renewal with only 30 day notice period.  We even offer to migrate your data where possible from your existing software. We  do this so that our Clients can get the best possible training without further cost implications  We actively encourage our Clients to contact us as much as they need, so that we can ensure they have the best tools to grow their business. Our philosophy is   'The success of your business  is  the success of ours'

*Requires a Business Sim card with unlimited texts

Streamline your business, build customer service and increase profitability

Staff & HR

The Staff screen determines how Staff are selected for shifts, which Clients they can work for, how they are paid, and whether they are fully compliant to work in the UK. Documents can be scanned and viewed on screen.  Staff Profiles are automatically updated, and can be emailed to Clients.  Badges can also be printed from this screen.


Add a booking in 4 clicks, add additonal dates with another click,  you can view available, correctly graded staff. Send an automated text to as many staff as you wish with another click, and wait for the staff to reply to the text

Confirm or cancel the shift  by text and remind the member of staff  by text 24 hours prior to the shift  start date. 


Timesheets are existing confirmed bookings waiting to be processed. Add a timesheet number, add the break time, Pay and charge rates are unique to each Client for each Pay Band for each shift type, and for each Staff Pay Type.

Timesheets can be  scanned   to Pulse Nursing Agency Software, viewed  on a 2nd screen  and  auto attached to the invoices for trouble free Client payment receipt.


You can create, edit, print and email all your client invoices straight from Pulse Nursing Agency Software.  Invoice data is stored when each Timesheet is processed

Each invoice can have as many lines and pages as required can include VAT (or not), can show either Factoring information or remittance details    Invoices once created can be exported into Sage Accounts or other accounting software


Making sure your staff are fully compliant is essential.         In addition to DBS, Pin Numbers, Passports and Visas, Pulse Nursing Agency Software is customisable for Training, Vaccinations, and scanned essential documents.  Staff can be automatically set to non compliant if any date fails, and when being placed in a future booking visas are always checked against the date of the future booking.  Reports can be run at any time showing due to expire, and  actual expired compliance information.






Pay is calculated from processed timesheets or direct from the Mobile Staff APP. Pulse Nursing Agency Software can run an integral  HMRC compliant payroll, fully itemising shifts and payments.  tax NI, sick pay, maternity pay, student loans, pension, holiday pay etc can all be processed.

Limited staff can also be paid without deductions, also staff can be paid via multiple Umbrella Companies  Office staff can also be paid.  A BACS file is created to be downloaded to your banks web portal to ensure staff are correctly paid.




Good Communication is the key to business success with Pulse Nursing Agency Software you can use the MobileStaff App, texting or emailing to contact staff to Offer shifts and Confirm, Cancel or Remind staff for already booked shifts.

Availability can be updated direct from the APP or incoming text messages ensuring that only available staff are offered shifts.

With most telecoms suppliers we can also determine when texts were received on the receipients handsets.





Good Management is about having the tools to make the right decisions. Decide what your office  staff can see and do. Our extensive reporting system makes creating reports easy and fast. Financial  reports can be exported to Excel and saved to your own desktop. We keep an audit trail of most changes to data and can report which office staff member made changes when data has been deleted or modified.

Our Reporting tools  cover NHS Framework requirements.





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